CareClass real estate agency was founded six years ago, helping thousands of people since then find their dream rental or buy a perfect new home!

About us

Care Class Real Estate, was founded by Maximilien J. Bamanay in 2014. It has a large portfolio of property listings and clients throughout top residential areas in Lusaka, Care Class Real Estate is prepared to fulfill all residential real estate requirements. In 2015, the company expanded its work by venturing into commercial real estate brokerage such as leasing warehouses and shops.


Maximilien J. Bamanay

Maximilien J. Bamanay is a Congolese national based in Lusaka/Zambia. He began his real estate career in 2000 with Bellaxor, in Lubumbashi/DR Congo where he worked for 3 years. And moved to Zambia in 2003. And worked with Home Choice Real Estate up to 2006 and then relocated to Ghana where he worked for five and half years and returned to Zambia in 2014.